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Save the Amazon rainforest

Deforisting the Amazon for fast food.Therefore is the Amazon rainforest in danger and its rainforest animals also affected.CO/2 emission contributer. The seemingly unstoppable expansion on soya farming in the Aamazon had become one of the main threats to the world"s largest rainforest.Around 60% of the Earth native vegetation has been cleared.Much of what's left is damaged and fragmented.Most species have lost their genetic resiliance because they have much smaller population.Many rainforest animals will not survive-even in large tree protected areas.By global human-forced climate change,landscape conservations initiatives that think beyond protecting one place at a time,that focus on maintaining resilience in nature and restoring ecological connections,will be the key to the survival of life on Earth and rainforest threats. Destroying rainforest trees and habitat not only produces greenhousepollution,it also reduces naturers ability to produce rain.This is because rainforest trees and other plants absorb water from the ground and release it in to the atmosphere,a crucial process in the creation of rain clouds called transpiration.

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