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Animal Experiments

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is today the largest european
Animal Experiment Laboratory with its Labs in Huntingdon
(GB), New Jersey (USA) and Japan. 75.000 animals are used
each year in their labs for pharmaceutical and other
companies where animals are being tested for
pharmaceutical products, agricultural chemicals,
industrial chemicals and food products

Animal welfare agencies and animal welfare groups helping wild, farm and domestic animals and mammal species being protected from poachers,bad and cruel,legal or prohibited practise in transportation, confinement or killing of these. International funds will help endangerd animal species and other neglected and abused or sick and rejected animal species in their rescue, shelter for food and adoption or relocation to a safer habitat for their survival.
in Australia is challenging the Kangaroo Management Plan. www.seashepherd.org is protecting the whales in their sanctuaries around the world and protects therefore these animal species.

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